My Story

When my husband became reliant on a wheelchair I could no longer work my part time job with ease. I became a wife, mother and a carer. Working was getting harder & harder, something had to give so I had to look outside the box & find another way support my family & look after MYSELF. That’s when direct sales came back into my life.

I've had previous experience at a number of different party plan companies & enjoyed them all as hobby businesses. However with Scentsy it has gone far beyond a little sales job! It's a real family business. The products are so beautiful that customers just love them & it's very easy to sell, better yet I have built a team & found a whole new circle of friends from all over the world. With Scentsy they allow you to run your business the way that you want too; one on one presentations, basket parties, home or online parties and fundraisers to name a few. You are in control of your business but you’re backed by a company who know what they are doing!

In my business so far I have achieved the Shooting Star Reward, reached four promotions and working on the fifth & I’ve also achieved my first incentive holiday – A CRUISE TO COZUMEL, MEXICO!! All within 12 months of being with Scentsy. Scentsy allowed me to slow down when my health was affected during my pregnancy, it allowed me to focus on my breastfeeding journey and focus on whatever my family needed. Now it’s giving me time to focus on my weight loss journey… all while bringing in an income.

Let me be your Scentsy sponsor & join our team. Enjoy the benefits of access to amazing resources & a training centre that enables you to build your business at a pace that suits you. I'll support you as an individual & help provide you with the tools to create the income that you desire.

So what are you waiting for – contact me today & find out how you can start your Scentsy business. Let's turn your dreams into reality & start making a difference today.

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